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The number ONE DJ for Parties, Weddings, Nightclub & Pub's and much more. Chris is the #1 DJ covering West Yorkshire & beyond.

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Why You Should Choose Us:


High Quality

We use top-notch hardware with thousands of songs available from the 50's right up to the present day.



Affordable Rates 

Our rates are some of the most reasonable out there today which means that we can cater for just about ANY kind of budget


Karaoke Hire 

If you would like to spice up that home or work party or just hire to add to a party in your local pub we are happy to cater for you. 


All Day Jobs

We can also offer All-Day-Jobs,  such as festivals or similar special jobs. If you wish to contact us for anything like this please click the contact button above.  


We Work ALL Week 7 Days A Week  

We can offer DJ services ANY day of the week even weekends, we also work nearly every day of the year apart from Christmas & New Years Day.


High Satisfaction Rate 

We pride ourselves in having 100% satisfaction rate among our clients. If you are thinking of using our services then please come with us on our journey together...Regards, Chris. 


Years Of Experience




Previous Jobs


Karaoke  Hires 

Reviews from our clients

What People Say

Jade Garvey

Commercial client

Chris has undertaken 4 jobs from our firm since we started our journey with him in 2018, He has always been very polite, professional and never let us down - not once. Thank you Chris for all the support you have given us and the laughs we have had together, Jade xx.

Andrew Selby

Personal client

I booked Chris for a job JUST before the very first Pandemic started in 2019/20 for my local LGBTQIA+ group. We were extremely happy with the job and will be having Chris back again in the future i have no doubt.

Dawn Brown

Pub client

Chris has managed our DJ for the last 4 weeks and it has been an absolute pleasure to see him work and deal with him over that time. He is very professional, polite and if you request something Chris does not have - he gets it!. This is why he is ranked TOP of the Dj's  we have used.




Tools Of The Trade

Digital DJ  Equipment, You need the right tools for each JOB!.


Karaoke Hire Here

Karaoke has been entertaining people as far back as the 80's, A lot of people still have the same sysytems they were renting back then. ALL ours are up to date top of the range systems for max fun!.

CJPickup Mobile DJ For West Yorkshire & Beyond